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  Antoine Douaihy

Artist's Statement

The series is an analysis of identity, perception and objectification embodied in the image of the human form.

Each figure is comprised of 16 separate, life size photographs. Utilizing picture elements from 6 different bodies, the individual photographs are then assembled to create a single, new figure. The resulting image, perceived as being an actual human, is rather, one assembled from unrelated objects.

I have a very clear sense of what I want in a photograph long before I create the image. The process of actually manufacturing that image though, can be somewhat of an adventure filled with paths that I had never considered and possibilities that I couldn't even conceive. In the end that journey is written into the text of each piece of work.

To say that my ideas simply come to me out of the blue would not be quite accurate. More often than not they tend to come from multiple sources of influence. The foundation of any number of my images can be traced to seemingly disconnected roots such as Saturday morning cartoons, the Theater, epic films of the 50's & 60's, the Modern Dance choreography of Murray Louis and Alwin Nikolais, and my first visit to the Metropolitain Museum of Art.

Having said all of this, I am in the end surprised and grateful for the final reaction of the viewer--even if they don't like the work. It serves to inspire and inform the next piece.

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