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Photography is a meditation for me... it helps me connect external reality to my inner world. The unconscious is made conscious, and through this integration comes the need to visually express my feelings and impressions. Photography is the medium, and in this sense becomes a self-portrait. . . providing the creative outlet that nourishes my soul. When I'm connected to my photography, there is a deep feeling of peace of wholeness -- of being exactly where I need to be.

The desire to create balance and wholeness in my life led me to photograph nature. In marveling at the dynamic symmetry I find in a cactus plant or in the perfect shape of a sunflower, it brings into focus my own inner life stream and I begin to connect with something much larger than myself.

Nature is a teacher for the careful observer. By slowing down and looking at the intricate patterns that I find in nature, I'm able to discover the sacred in everyday life. It's magical to bring to life the myriad of natural textures that I find around me: sand on a beach, the bark on a tree, ice, running water, the velvety surface of a flower petal, and to capture their essence is what I love most about photographing nature. To be able to visually recreate an image that touches deeper feelings is what pushes me to explore further.

Along with photography, gardening, especially water gardening, are my favorite passions. When both come together, it makes for some powerful and memorable images.

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