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  Lynda Howitt

About the Artist

Born in Uganda the only white baby in a mission hospital, Lynda fled the Idi Amin massacre with her family to the shores of Western Australia. An idyllic childhood growing up on the beach in Geraldton set the scene for the love of the ocean. After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in she commenced a highly successful career as a designer and creative director in Perth, Kaula Lumper, London and Sydney.

Lynda's first exhibition was in 2005. Since then she has held a number of her own and and group exhibitions in galleries throughout Australia.

Over the past few years Lynda has devoted most of her time to painting. Her works hang in homes in Australia, Europe and the US.

Highlights of her career include winning 'Australia's richest art prize' The Signature of Sydney in 2006.

Lynda's art is in demand with the "seduced by the sea" series selling out.

Her works embody dream-like grace with beautiful simplicity. Her large seascapes lure you in with passion and poise. Her limitless skies capture a smoothness of joy and peace.

"For me art is about what I feel. Art is transformal in itself. It can change how you feel. It takes us into our inner world, the world of vision and feeling, it's a journey inward. How my subconscious feelings find their way into my art intrigues me."

Lynda's paintings bring about a sense of calmness and peace as they connect with the viewer. For a moment nothing else matters, it's an escape from the chaos of everyday life into the inner you. Lynda's art explores this relationship with the goal of giving a moment of peace to peoples lives.

"They allow your soul to live for a moment without the falsehood or layers that you think make a difference."

"Art has the power to manipulate when wrongly used. I believe it can be use for good, it can compel a diverse audience to believe, consider or act. Using its power in a positive way allows it to be a tool to foster hopes and dreams. Creating awareness of the beauty that life has on offer to us and an awakening of our inner self."

"For me being creative renews my soul, heals my spirit, and keeps alive my passions for life. Art transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible."

Lynda donates 5% of every painting sold to saving lives in Uganda and other 3rd world communities through Oxfam.

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