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  Chris Piazza

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The Little Girl Who Wouldn't Shut Up, 2006
Mixed Media: 1940's vintage rayon dress, antique plastic, Bakelite, Celluloid, Catalin, Lucite buttons

55" H x 23" W x 12" D
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This is part of a series of self portraits. I'm known to never "button my lip"... has gotten me into a peck of trouble at times... so this is me. Actually I used to wear the dress that's underneath the buttons. It's an old rayon dress from the 1950s. I cut it down to this unnatural size... sort of girl sized but still a grown up dress... a size no one could get into now. The buttons are a "paint box" of color. There's the history of American 20th century button making in it... Bakelite, Catalin, Vegetable Ivories, Lucite, Mother of Pearl... grandma's button box. I do think things like buttons sometimes trigger an almost visceral response of tenderness... yes, "the tender buttons." It makes sense, as who didn't love their grandma?

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