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Artist's Statement

There is something about the light that intrigues me. I'm fascinated by how it falls, where it illuminates and where it separates from shadow as well as the texture of it. I love to walk around and explore following the many trails of light. I know that no one will ever see things the way I do. It is my own perspective in that moment in time. What you might walk by I might think is beautiful just by following the play of light. It can be both subjective and very intimate. Can I make it as beautiful as I see it? Can I make you see what I see? There are many things that I love about photography but what I love the most is the light and the perspective.

I like the look of a Silver Gelatin Print on a warm fiber based paper with selenium and sepia toners. I like the idea that an archival process is now something unique and often coveted. And mostly I like the mood and feeling that this combination gives my work. In order to capture these images, I use Ansel Adams' zone system which helps me visualize the scene prior to releasing the shutter.

This series of images for Because of the Light- the day series have made me examine myself and how I see the world. The images convey a strong sense of light that range from effusive, to subtle, to mysterious. I love to find places where the light is textural and luminous and then try to capture it as best I can. There is also a way to get inside each photo. A window, a door, an alley and even more nooks and cranies to come in and explore. This is how I see the world and if you think it's beautiful then I've accomplished my goal.

About the Artist

Born in 1966, fine art photographer M. Delos Reyes is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, where she resides and works as a registered nurse. Her love for her home with its natural light and mystique inspires her to find and photograph places where the light is textural and luminous. She has studied Ansel Adams' Zone system and printmaking at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts over the last 6 years, winning several juried awards. Her works have been featured at the Alexandria Museum of Art (Louisiana), New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, The Poet's Gallery, Janet Molero and Steve Martin Studio Gallery in New Orleans and E3 Gallery in New York City. Presently her work can be viewed at June Bateman Gallery, New York City and F8 Gallery in Austin, Texas. 2006 brings a solo show at the River Oaks Art Square, Alexandria and selected images to added to the Alexandria Museum of Art collection, Louisiana.

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