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Through observation and meditation, I've found my muse in nature. Watching the palm trees dancing in the air while they swing along the wind as each leaf connects at each other during the perfect tempo, as there is a conspiracy between the wind and the sun for its spotlight. This sway in rhythm aroused my interest in conducting various studies of different kind of palm trees by playing with their lines and colors, shadows and light using more than one image creating geometric patterns that defies the chaotic order of nature.

Bindu is an art project comprised of passion for the combination of color, shape and illusion. With these mixed media sculptures I try to explore the power of color and the connection that it has with the ephemeral. By getting up close I'm able to recreate bast color landscapes, with different tridimensional elements that recreate an inner reality that could come from another dimension of being. This is presented by using the most perfect and symmetric shape of all, The Circle.

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