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Adieu Mon Amour, 2011

Inside The Long Black Coat, 2012

The Cosmos And The Phoenix, 2011

Secrets of the Dead, 2010

Icarius' Order, 2011

Night In Seville, 2010

Encounter With the Nymph Salmacis, 2010

Affairs of the Heart, 2010

Eumenides, 2010

Dream Of The White Elephant, 2011

A Platonic Year, 2011

Ten Thousand Things, 2012

Eggs Of Chronos, 2012

The Ancestors, 2012

Reunion, 2011

Invoking The Thursar, 2012

Let's Dance, 2012

Heraclitus' Conclusion, 2011

Currents, 2012

Feathers From Xochiquetzal, 2012

Tokyo Midnight

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