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I create each image from a combination of 2-4 uncropped photographs, blended together with meticulous attention to composition and contrast. I photograph fauna on roadsides, in gardens, city parks, wildlife reserves…anywhere I find variety in nature, and all in natural light.

In the beginning of my process, I capture photographs with the ultimate intent that each will serve a purpose for use as a background, foreground or balancing design element. In production, while composing each layer, I determine which elements in the photograph can be enhanced and which elements need to be minimized.

When I create these blends, these unlikely neighbors in nature, the completed images create the illusion of powerfully serene spaces and scenes. When shown out of context, each petal, vine or reed takes on a stronger presence than it would on its own.

My intention is that the viewer is drawn to linger in these details of nature…to be drawn into the serene space and find magnificent details newly recognized. Because the elegance of nature is so short-lived, just a guest in our presence, I take great pleasure in giving its beauty permanence.

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