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For 20 years, prior to my career as a photographer, I was a furniture craftsman. From the beginning, I collected not only the sometimes rare tools I used daily, but also old tools and implements that I admired for their varied textures, forms and character. These objects have hung on my walls or sat on bookshelves and pedestals for years.

Now as a photographer, I have continued to haunt flea markets and root through run down antique shops, but with a somewhat different eye--in 1988 I began photographing the tools I bought. The photographs are made in the studio with a 4x5 view camera, variously textured fabrics, and numerous lights and reflectors to record the surface.

These are portraits of objects that have had, and continue to have, long lives as tools for human use. But perhaps even more importantly, for me at least, each is a portrait of an individual object alive in its own animated presence.

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