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Photographer Brian Kosoff has an eye for perfection and detail from shooting advertising still life for more than twenty years. In his early 40's, he made his first trip to Death Valley, California. It was a homecoming for his photography. He was immediately drawn to rediscover his early love of shooting landscape. Brian captures mountains, islands, or clouds as pure forms creating simple graphic designs that are then interpreted in his darkroom printing with a romantic and sometimes mystical feeling.

Born in Manhattan, Brian found his early landscapes in the serenity of the morning on the beaches and boardwalks of Coney Island. Brian's hobby soon led him to seek out and land internships with advertising photographers. His first solo landscape exhibit was in a New York gallery when he was 17. Upon high school graduation, Brian attended the School of Visual Arts in New York while assisting many distinguished photographers. By age 21, he opened his first photography studio on Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan's photo district.

His busy shooting schedule didn't leave him time to wonder about other pursuits, until he booked that first trip to Death Valley. What he found in the other-worldliness of the sand dunes and mountains of California was a sense of peace and belonging that surprised him. At first, the city boy thought that it was the contrast to the Manhattan skyscrapers that was behind his excitement, but the feeling has yet to fade. Since then he's made repeated trips to the West Coast, the Southwest, Iceland and Scotland to capture more landscape.

Time-honored photographic techniques are combined with modern technologies in Brian's image making process. Brian uses several different camera systems adapting his equipment for each destination. While composing an image to capture with a camera requires forethought and technique, it is in the darkroom that Brian adds his most important touch. After "living with" his negatives for while, he interprets the images in the printing process.

Brian creates photographs for the joy of doing his work, and is truly thrilled and honored when others find pleasure from his photography.

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