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AIPAD New York Annual Photography Exhibition, March 2011

Beth O'Donnell, "Angels in Africa", the Book Launch and Photography Exhibition, Holly Hunt, NYC, Fall 2006

Builder Levy "Children", Culpepper Gallery, Abrons Arts Center, Henry Street Settlement, NYC, June - August 2006;

Builder Levy Photographer, Labor Arts, Tamiment Library, Robert Wagner Labor Archives, Bobst Library, NYU, February - April 2006.

June Bateman Fine Art Exhibitions


Landscapes & Flowers
Brian Kosoff & Jeff Harris

June 10 - Aug 28, 2004
The June Bateman Fine Art is pleased to announce its summer exhibition, Landscapes and Flowers, a show of nearly fifty black and white and sepia toned images by New York photographers Brian Kosoff and Jeff Harris. Read more >

John Goodman:
Towards Summer

Apr 22 - Jun 5, 2004
"Towards Summer" features over thirty silver gelatin landscapes and portraits from Goodman's series on Cuba, the B'ston Ballet and his personal portrait series, organized around themes of bodies at rest and in motion, in languorous rep'se and frenetic activity, reflecting the impending heat, relaxation, and anticipation of summer. Read more >

Sheila Rock
Mar 10 - Apr 17, 2004
"Spiritual Beings" ties together work from two series: Sheila Rock's well known portraits of Horses and her more recent portraits of Tibetan monastic life as seen in Sera: the Way of the Tibetan Monk, a monograph published in 2003 by Columbia University Press. Read more >

Objects of Desire
Jan 22 - Mar 6, 2004
Whatever its other qualities and uses, photography has always functioned as a collector's medium that allowed artists and others to take vicarious possession of desired objects and hold them steady against the ravages of time. The photographers included in "Objects of Desire" explore both their own desires or th'se of their photographic subjects, allowing themselves and the viewer to ponder the nature of desire, of what is desirable, and what it means to take photographic p'ssession of objects of desire, ordinary and rare, even when the actual object cannot be p'ssessed. Read more >


Rocky Schenck:

Dec 5, 2003 - Jan 17, 2004
Rocky Schenck's images harken back to nineteenth-century photographic pictorialism and early twentieth century German Expressionist silent cinema in their combination of photographic and painterly characteristics. Traveling through the world, Schenck says that his images are "illustrations of my conscious (and perhaps subconscious) dreams, emotions, and longings..." Read more >

Elizabeth Gilbert:
Broken Spears, a Maasai Journey

Nov 6 - Dec 2, 2003
George Plimpton noted that "Liz Gilbert's astonishing African photographs of a vanishing culture bring to mind both the texture and feeling of Edward Curtis's work on the American Indians of the early 1900s." Peter Beard has written that Gilbert has "heroically and artistically photographed the last moments of tribal Africa... The pages of this book are already history in a compromised, ravaged, denatured continent. Luckily, Liz Gilbert has photographed what is left - everything that is authentic and valuable in Africa." Read more >

Eunsook Joo:
Karaoke Girl

Oct 7 - Nov 4, 2003
In the tradition of such contemporary photographers as Nan Golden, Tina Barney, Rineke Dijkstra and her former instructor Gregory Crewdson, questions of identity and relation to cultural space are at the heart of the large-scale color photographs. And, although Joo's direct portraits might seem at first deadpan, ironic, even detached, beneath the placid technicolor surface of these austere portraits there is poetic paradox as doors to private and unfamiliar places open wherein many of us may recognize aspects of ourselves. Read more >

Denny Moers:
In the Ultra-Silent Light

Sept 4 - Oct 4, 2003
For over twenty years Denny Moers has created unique, technically innovative and visually stunning photographs of subjects ranging from medieval wall frescoes, to the landscapes and architecture of New England, the American West,Turkey, Egypt, Yugoslavia and Morocco. He cites music and poetry as central influences on his art and seeks, in the words of German poet Rainer Marie Rilke to "make the invisible visible". Read more >

Joseph Jurson and Nick Brandt:
Flora & Fauna

June 5 - Aug 30, 2003
The work of each of these artists involves close personal observation of and involvement in the natural world. Both Jurson and Brandt produce exquisite prints with the larger goal of integrating photography into an active engagement with the natural world. Read more >

Jeff Wolin: Ancient Provence, Layers of History in Southern France
and Written in Memory: Portraits of the Holocaust
April 17 - May 31, 2003
Mr. Wolin, rather than attempting to romanticize the environment by suppressing indications of the modern world, includes sharp, yet somehow not entirely incongruous juxtapositions between ancient structures and aspects of Southern France's modern commercial, industrial, and touristic life. Read more >

Gail Thacker and Bob Carey

March 6, 2003 - April 12, 2003
Although portraiture is among the most traditional and conservative of artistic genres, in recent years artists have increasingly experimented with ways of representing both themselves and others that push the form's expressiveness while expanding its exploration of the nature of the social and personal self. The work of Bob Carey and Gail Thacker expands the notion of portraiture and in doing so expands our ability to see, think about, and confront the nature of the person, the body, and of photography itself. Read more >

Joan Almond
January 23, 2003 - March 1, 2003


Peace on Earth
December 5, 2002 - January 18, 2003
A Holiday Show

Sylvia Plachy: Verso
October 24 - November 30, 2002
For over twenty years Sylvia Plachy has been recognized as one of the most important contemporary photojournalists and street photographers. Unguided Tour, her 1990 monograph, is considered to be one of the most important photographic books of the past twenty years. Plachy's subjects are innumerable, and she uses a range of approaches and formats that is commensurate with a body of work that seeks to encompass much of human reality in a series of insightful, and often witty, glances. Read more >

Vintage New York: Photographs 1947 - 1988
September 12 - October 19, 2002
Both New York and photography are undergoing rapid transformation at present. Vintage New York focuses on the city that, while always changing, has retained much of its traditional character. Although the physical structure of the city is portrayed in the included images, its primary focus is on the the vibrancy of the city as reflected by its people at work, at play, protesting, creating, passing by and being themselves. With few exceptions, only vintage work is included in the show so that the prints as well as the images reflect in the photographic materials and practices of their period. Read more >

July 9 - September 7, 2002
Summer is the season when everyone is constantly moving between the inside and outside: outside to enjoy the good weather, and back to the air-conditioned inside to escape the heat. The June Bateman Fine Art honored the season with Inside / Out, a group exhibition of gallery and guest artists who were asked to interpret this theme in terms of their own work. Read more >

Bodies in Light: Antoine Douahy & Marian Roth
July 9 - September 7, 2002
Bodies In Light was an exhibition of photographic nudes by Antoine Douaihy and Marian Roth. The exhibition contrasts two intriguing but very different approaches to the nude. Read more >

Cherie Nutting: Yesterday's Perfume, an Intimate Portrait of Paul Bowles
May 23 - June 29, 2002
Whether pictured standing in a doorway at home, visiting a pet cemetery to try to find the resting place of Jane Bowles' parrot, walking through a Moroccan market, or examining his elderly face in a mirror, Nutting's camera has captured a man confronting, living, and reflecting upon a life that happens to have been among the most remarkable of the twentieth-century. View work >

Marian Roth: Pinhole Photographs
April 4 - May 18, 2002
Turning away from the sophistication of modern optics, Roth's very sophisticated work returns us once again to something cl'se to photography's optical and chemical essences.

Jeff Harris: Photosynthesis
February 21 - March 30, 2002 Photographer Jeff Harris's images of flowers illustrate the concept of photosynthesis, the chemical process by which plants use light to convert carbon dioxide and water into matter, releasing oxygen as a by-product. View work >

January 10 - February 19, 2002
The genre of portraiture is most associated with formal images of human beings presenting an actual or ideal personal or social identity but has also often been used for less static explorations of identity and what it is to be a person. Read more >


Elio Ciol: Images of Italy
November 15 - December 23, 2001

Amy Arbus: On the Street, Photographs from the Village Voice 1980-1991
September 15 - November 14, 2001
For eleven years Amy Arbus' monthly Village Voice style page "On The Street" portrayed participants of the legendary Downtown New York art scene on the vibrant and at the same time still gritty streets of Soho and the East Village.

Sense of Place
April 24 - May 27, 2001

Elio Ciol: Immagini d'Italia
Oct 17 - 28, 2000
at the Art Club Tribeca


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